Happy Birthday, Mr. Independent!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Independent! | Growing Up Herbal | Today is Ezrah’s 4th birthday!

I never know how to share my love for my little guys with you so these next few paragraphs will have to do.

Today is Ezrah’s 4th birthday, and what can I say about this little guy other than he’s Mr. Independent himself! He’s my baby… my last child (I’m fairly certain — oh, Lord, help me!). He regularly crawls into bed with me in the early morning, snuggling his little body next to mine, soaking up my warmth. He wakes up happy later in the morning, always running into my office and asking, “Pleese mama, may I have sum yogut and gwanola?” Who could say no to that?

He is sweet, loving, cuddly, extremely close to me and Dean, very thoughtful when he wants to be, fun to play with, and very entertaining (he can be a total ham). He loves his brothers and cousins, is a creature of routine (but aren’t we all), loves to dance, and always wants his blankie close by.

Out of all of my kids, Ezrah is definitely the most spirited (aka… strong-willed) child that I have. Being the youngest of four boys, he has to hold his own against three older brothers, and sometimes that comes out as him holding his own against mama, daddy, and other authorities in his life. No matter, we love this feisty little fellow. Thankfully, the older he gets, the better able he is to understand us, and the more he calms down. LOL!

For his birthday, we celebrated at Mom-mom and Pop-pop’s a week early with a joint party with one of his best cousins, Aliza (who just turned 3). His actual birthday (today) fell on the last day of our homeschool co-op where we celebrated the end of the year by having pizza and cupcakes. Of course, he thought it was all because of his birthday. And then we will celebrate again at the end of the week with my parents over a delicious dinner and some gifts.

Happy 4th birthday, Ezrah Daniel. We love you so very much!

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