DIY: Sleepytime Massage Oil For Babies and Children

DIY: Sleepytime Massage Oil For Babies and Children | GrowingUpHerbal.com | Make an herbal night time massage oil to sooth your little one off to sleep.

When preparing for Baby Ezrah’s arrival, I went a bit overboard making all sorts of natural baby products for him. I wanted to be ready with everything I needed when he got here.

As you may know, I used to sell herbal skincare products for children in my Etsy shop, but when it came time for my family and I to move into our new house, I decided to close up shop for a bit until things got settled around here and our new house became our home.

I get asked A LOT if I’m going to start selling my products again, and my answer is always the same.

I’d love to! I really miss it, but right now isn’t not the time. It’s been 5 months, and we’re still settling in. Summer is almost here and the house projects are in the forefront of our minds. Plus, I just had a new baby which is another big adjustment. On top of that, homeschooling and running this blog (both of which take a lot of time) are keeping me very busy.

So with that being said, I’ve had a great time getting a bunch of my old supplies back out and making things for my newest baby to use.

One of the things I made was a massage oil for babies and children, perfect after an evening bath to help seal in and retain moisture, as well as help my little one relax and get to sleep easily.

Today, I’d like to share that recipe with you!

Sleepy time Massage Oil for Babies & Children

DIY: Sleepytime Massage Oil For Babies and Children | GrowingUpHerbal.com | Make an herbal night time massage oil to sooth your little one off to sleep.

You’ll need:

All herbs and oils are relaxants and have sedative properties. Perfect for before bed!


  1. Infuse herbs into oil (learn all the best ways via my Ultimate How-To Guide or with a simple method for free here)
  2. Strain and scent with essential oil mix below.
  3. Essential oil sleepytime blend: 3 drops lavender EO, 5 drops ylang-ylang EO, 2 drops patchouli EO
  4. Bottle, label, and store.

See how easy that was! It’s so simple. Making herbal skincare (and medicinal) products is not difficult, and doing it yourself can save you a ton of money… not to mention cut down on tons of toxins your kiddo is exposed to on a daily basis.

Get the most out of your oil! CLICK HERE to learn how to give your baby a successful night-time massage!


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  1. Karen says:

    Can’t wait to try this!

  2. Sarah Kaye says:

    I am definitely new to this, and I am loving your site and soaking it all in! I have been researching using EOs and have gotten myself a small start-up supply. I want to try this recipe, but was wondering how much Sweet Almond Oil you use? Also, would there be a version of this that could be made into a room/pillow spray? Thank you!

    • Meagan says:

      The amount of oil is in the free tutorial linked in the post. I generally do 1 part herbs to 3 parts oil. As far as a pillow spray goes, you’d want to mix the EOs in some water with a small amount of alcohol and use that to spray on your pillow. Maybe Google it to get an exact recipe… I don’t have one on here. HTH! Thanks for your comment Sarah!

  3. Lory Tibbetts says:

    How much of the carrier oil do you use for that EO blend? 2 oz? 4 oz? 8 oz? I have three co-workers who are due in August and will have their baby shower at our workplace on Wednesday. This is going to be a quick gift that every one of them will like, since everything is natural!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Meagan says:

      I used a 4 ounce bottle, but if you infuse the herbs into the oil you’ll need to use 5 ounces of carrier oil in order to end up with 4 ounces at the end as the herbs absorb a good bit of the oil. I’ll update that post to be more specific on the amounts. Hope your baby shower is great!!

  4. Astrid Vanderipe says:

    Hi! Would it be okay to do this with everything except the flowers & ylang ylang? I just started witj EO’s & I only have a few stuff.

    • Meagan says:

      Sure Astrid! You can skip the ylang ylang if you want. It just helps to round out the scent in the blend. Hope that helps!

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