Delivery Day Preparations

Delivery Day Preparations | Growing Up Herbal | Delivery day will be here before you know it. Here are some things to do in preparation for the big day!

So many things can be done in advance to help prepare for a new baby. While many new moms think that they have plenty of time to prepare for their new arrival, doing what they can as far in advance as possible is usually easier than waiting until a few weeks before delivery when a combination of fatigue and excitement can set it.

Below, you’ll find 3 delivery day preparations to take care of now in order to be ready for your little one come the big day.

The Car Seat

Before the baby is born, one of the most important and most crucial things on a new mom’s to-do list is getting the baby’s car seat. The hospital will not allow parents to take their newborn home without seeing that the infant has an approved car seat. If you’re unsure how to install it or uncomfortable doing it yourself for fear that it will not be done correctly, visit any fire department or police station and ask for someone show how to install the car seat.

Getting “Home” Ready

Preparing your home for a newborn is another preparation step. Set up a nursery fit with a crib, changing table, dresser and be sure to fill it with plenty of supplies like clothing and diapers. You can get creative decorating the nursery and create a warm and loving that your baby can grow into. Pack your hospital bag as well so you’ll be ready to leave in a moment’s notice. Pack clothing for you to travel home in as well as clothes to bring baby home in. Include any other comforts you’d like to have at the hospital with you during your stay; perhaps your favorite movie or book and some toiletries so you can feel fresh and comfortable.

The Birth Plan

On delivery day, mom will need to make some decisions prior to delivering her new bundle of joy. Knowing what pain management medicine you’re comfortable with, what sort of atmosphere you’d like in your delivery room and other optional decisions like if you’d like to enroll with a cord blood banking service. A cord blood banking service will send you a kit that the doctor will use to collect the baby’s umbilical cord blood after birth. The cord blood is then saved to potentially be used as a possible medical resource for the child or possibly a sibling. There are many natural pain management methods include breathing, walking, changing positions, taking a bath or shower and playing relaxing music in the delivery room that can help during labor if you’d like to avoid medicines.

Childbirth is a natural process for a woman but it is not black and white. It may happen that a woman who prepared for a traditional childbirth ended up needing to have a Cesarean section. Labor may begin naturally or a woman may need to be induced. Prepare yourself for all possibilities by researching the common things that could happen during labor. This way you can go into the delivery room with a better understanding of what is going on during childbirth. Just know that the goal of delivering a healthy baby from is always a common goal between you and your medical team at the hospital.

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