How To Decrease Your Chance Of Getting Sick At Holiday Parties

How To Decrease Your Chance Of Getting Sick At Holiday Parties | Growing Up Herbal | 7 easy ways to keep from getting sick at holiday parties.

Have you ever been at a holiday party and noticed some of the guests doing things that are kind of gross.

For example, have you ever seen people cough into their hand over and over but not wash afterward? What about people sticking their hands in the community chip bowl or double dipping in the spinach dip? Maybe you’ve even done something gross like accidentally pick up someone’s drink and take a sip. Oops!

Okay. Admit it. You’re like me, and you have a radar that is always on the lookout for “hygiene trespassers” or “good-manner breakers.” (Maybe that’s just us moms because we’re always so busy making sure our kids are washing their hands, covering their mouths, or not swapping spit with others.)

Now, I’m all for a good holiday get-together, but I definitely want to try to keep from catching something while I’m there. I also want to keep my kids from catching something because having four sick kids is not my idea of a “merry” holiday.

So if you’re like me and you love getting together with friends and family at holiday parties but you want to decrease your chance of getting sick while you’re there, today’s post is for you my friend!

Today I’m sharing 7 easy things you can do to decrease your chance of getting sick at holiday parties this year… you and your kiddos that is.

These seven things will apply to you whether you’re attending a get-together or hosting it. Enjoy mama!

7 Ways to Decrease Your Chance of Getting Sick at Holiday Parties

How To Decrease Your Chance Of Getting Sick At Holiday Parties | Growing Up Herbal | 7 easy ways to keep from getting sick at holiday parties.

1. Diffuse Antimicrobial Essential Oils


One of the easiest (and best smelling) ways to decrease your guest’s chances of getting sick at holiday parties is to diffuse antimicrobial essential oils in your home.

The easiest way to do this is to run your oils through a diffuser. If you have a diffuser that has different timer options, that would be best as it will help your oils go further and won’t overwhelm guest with a strong smell. Here are some great options for essential oil diffusers if you’re in the market for one.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to choose oils that are safe for children if they’ll be at your get-together as well as oils that smell good. Festive smells are great for this time of year. I love Plant Therapy’s KidSafe synergy blend, Germ Destroyer. Not only does it contain antimicrobial oils, but it smells like holiday pines! Ummm!


If you’re going to a party and you want to diffuse oils to help decrease your chances of getting sick, try wearing a diffuser necklace with an antimicrobial essential oil blend on the insert. Not only is this an easy option, but the oils won’t be too overpowering to other guests. Plus, most necklaces go well with different outfits!

2. Label Cups or Mark Your Glass


It’s very easy for cups or glasses to get mixed up at parties, especially when there are a lot of people. Not only do you not want your guests to be swapping spit with each other, but you don’t want cups being thrown away unnecessarily or having a sinkful of dishes piled up just waiting to be washed.

One solution to this problem is to have sharpies ready at the drink table so people can label their cups (plastic only) when they get their drinks. If you’re using glassware, you can use glass markers to help guests remember which glass is theirs, or you can use these color-coded glass bands if you’d prefer.


If you’re a guest at a party and you’re concerned about your drink getting mixed up with another person’s drink, simply bring your own glass marker or keep your cup close by you during the night.

You could also wear a really great shade of lipstick and mark your glass with some lip prints!

3. Say “No Thanks” To Finger Foods


Finger foods are the worst for passing germs. Not only that, but let’s not even talk about double dipping. Gross.

Instead, be sure to have toothpicks available for all finger foods so they’re easy to grab. You can have them already placed in the foods or sitting nearby for guests to use.

Oh, and don’t forget to put spoons in all the dips so people can serve it up onto their plates instead of dipping straight into the bowl.


If you’re a guest and you didn’t make it into the finger food line first, just skip the appetizers if you see people helping themselves to the finger foods without utensils.

And don’t worry… drink an extra glass of water to tide you over. The main course will be ready before you know it.

4. Individual Utensils For All Foods


Just like with finger foods, you don’t really want people helping themselves to the main course foods with their hands or with their own silverware. The easiest thing to do is to make sure that each food has its own utensil that guests can use.


If you wind up at a holiday party and there aren’t utensils for each of the different foods, ask the hostess if you can help her in the kitchen by getting the food ready for everyone to eat. Simply ask her where the silverware and serving spoons are kept and make sure all the foods have them. I’m sure she’ll get the hint!

How To Decrease Your Chance Of Getting Sick At Holiday Parties | Growing Up Herbal | 7 easy ways to keep from getting sick at holiday parties.

5. Provide Antimicrobial Soap & Disposable Towels In The Bathroom


Another great way to decrease your guest’s chances of getting sick at your holiday party is to have some all-natural, antimicrobial soap in your bathrooms along with disposable towels for guests to use. 

The bathroom is one of the most visited places in a house and when it comes to get-togethers, people are going to be using it! Seeing how most people wash their hands after using the bathroom and before eating, it’s a good idea to have some good, healthy soap available to them.

Thankfully, all-natural soap is easy to make, and it’s quick too.

Antimicrobial Foaming Soap



  1. Fill bottle 1/4 full of soap
  2. Fill remaining 3/4 with water
  3. Add in 50-75 drops of essential oil. Shake well.
  4. Attach foaming pump, give it a few pumps to prime it.
  5. Label your soap and set it in the bathroom to be used.


Simply put… wash your hands after using the bathroom and before eating. And you can always bring a small bottle of all-natural antimicrobial soap in your purse if you think the toxic antibacterial kind will be there.

6. Keep Tissues Within Reach


We’ve all seen people cough or sneeze into their hand and not wash. Why not keep a good stash of holiday-themed tissues around the house where people can see them and get to them easily when they need them? You can even make a little announcement at the beginning of the party letting guests know where the tissues are. 


It’s always a good idea to keep a pack of travel tissues in your purse in case they aren’t available where you’re are… or if the bathroom is unavailable. 

How To Decrease Your Chance Of Getting Sick At Holiday Parties | Growing Up Herbal | 7 easy ways to keep from getting sick at holiday parties.

7. Offer Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer


Some all-natural hand sanitizer is the perfect accompaniment to the tissue boxes around your home. Like the antimicrobial soap, it’s easy to make and use, and guests will love the essential oil scents that are unlike most store-bought hand sanitizers. 

Now using hand sanitizer is NOT a replacement for washing hands, but it is better than nothing when hand washing isn’t an option at the moment.

Below is a recipe for a simple gel hand sanitizer you can use.

Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer


  • vodka
  • organic aloe gel 
  • antimicrobial essential oil (this one is great for all ages and has a holiday smell)
  • bottle with a pump or disk top


  1. Fill bottle 1/4 full of vodka.
  2. Add in 10-15 drops of essential oil.
  3. Fill remainder of the bottle with aloe gel.
  4. Put pump top on, label, shake well and pump a few times to prime pump. 
  5. Set beside of tissue boxes.

Find even more essential oil hand sanitizer recipes for kids and adults right here!


This antimicrobial hand sanitizer is easy to make and keep in your purse to use at parties when you can’t make it to the bathroom to wash your hands. One pump is all you need!

So there you have it. Go enjoy those holiday parties with friends and family this year without worrying about you or your kids coming home sick. You can be proactive with your healthy without sacrificing fun!

Do you have any other tips to decrease your chances of getting sick at holiday parties this year? Share them with me in the comment section below as that’s where the REAL fun takes place!

plant-therapy-logoThis post was underwritten by Plant Therapy. All opinions are mine. Plant Therapy offers 100%, pure, undiluted essential oils sourced from some of the top essential oil suppliers in the world. They have single oils and synergy blends as well as a line of synergy blends specific to children. Not only do they offer high-quality essential oils, but they also offer carrier oils, hydrosols, and other essential oil accessories to help you keep yourself and your home naturally healthy.

  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you for the great recipes Meagan! I so appreciate it. I try to boost our immune systems before going out and when we get back, (like elderberry syrup, PT’s immune booster on my kids feet, as I can’t diffuse right now), to hopefully help ward off things. I would cation diffusing at a party, unless you know the guest very, very well. For example, no pregnant women are there or infants, as they generally shouldn’t be around most diffused oils (at least in my research, if you know differently, I’d love to hear!). Also some people can be very sensitive to smells. I went to one party and the hostess had her diffuser going. It gave me such a headache and I felt awful at the party. (And yes, I know it was what was being diffused that caused the headache). I know I may be a minority in this, but just something to remember. Thank you again Meagan for all your wonderful post!

    • Meagan says:

      Great point Michelle. I know the KidSafe line is safe for kiddos 2 and up, but I’m not sure about during pregnancy so yes, its best to turn it off if someone is pregnant or sensitive to smells. If scent is an issue, there are lots of other options to use to decrease your chances of getting sick. Thanks for your comment!

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