Community Clean-Up: Creekside Trash Removal

It’s almost been a month now, but seeing how it’s Earth Day today, I thought it would be appropriate to get around to sharing about a community clean-up I recently participated in with you!

Several weeks ago, a teenager that is involved in cStudents (our teen ministry) at our church, put together a community clean-up project. This project was to clean up the roadside and creek along the main highway that runs through our small town. I went to help out for a couple of hours. By the end of our time, it was amazing what all we had accomplished!

creek running through town
people cleaning up roadside and some trash found in the creek
group of people participating in community clean-up project

We probably cleaned up a mile of the road and creek. Now, I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it was full of trash. Fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, and shops line this area, so trash easily accumulates. Plus, there were only nine of us participating in the community clean-up. I’d say we did great for the amount of time and number of helping hands we had.

We ended up with a truckload of trash as well as some odd things like a hubcap, the top of a Christmas tree, some huge piece of metal from who knows what, and a metal folding chair! The trash is all in the dumpster of a nearby grocery store now. And yes, they gave us permission to dump the trash there!

Personally, I’m so glad I did this. Not only did it feel good to take some time to do something good for the place I live, but it was also nice to meet some new faces! It is also really encouraging to see the youth in our county doing hard work to keep this beautiful, small, mountain town clean.

There is another community clean-up in the works for early May. I definitely want the boys to come along and help this next time around. They had a birthday party to attend this day, so they missed out on it.

Community Clean-Up for Earth Day

Earth Day is a day to remind us that we are responsible for caring for this Earth — this beautiful home that God provided for us. We are to be stewards and caretakers of our planet. One of the biggest ways we can do that is to help keep it clean.

Taking an hour or two of your time once a month to pick up trash along the road, in a local park, or near a waterway is an easy way to do something small for the place you live. If we all did that, I guarantee our communities would be a much cleaner and nicer place to live.

If you’re looking for more ideas for things you can do on Earth Day, here are 15 more ways you can show the Earth you care.

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