Black Cats and Superstitions

Black Cats and Superstitions | Growing Up Herbal | Meet our black cat, Oliver. According to superstition, black cats are thought to bring bad luck, but do they?

Meet one of our cats, Oliver. He sits on the rail of the deck just outside my office window every morning, taking his bath and meowing at me to feed him. He’s solid black with bright green eyes, and he’s very sweet and cuddly.

Did you know that in some cultures black cats are a sign of good luck and white cats are thought to bring bad luck?

While I find folklore fascinating, I’m not one to let it influence my decisions all that much. With that said, Oliver has never brought us any “bad luck,” but we did have a white cat a while back that stayed with us for a time that seemed to bring some. She came in and out of our lives suddenly, and I fell hard for her. She too was very sweet and cuddly. However, while she was with us, we did experience a series of unfortunate events, and after she left, all was back to normal. Strange, but true.

Will I ever own a white cat? Perhaps, but I’m not certain. Hmm, maybe I am a bit superstitious. ?

Love and light,

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