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When you decide to take a stance on something people are going to want to know why… especially if your stance differs from the mainstream choice or is controversial. This is especially true when you decide to opt out of using fluoride in your family, but how do you tell your dentist “no” to fluoride […]

Saying No To Fluoride? How To Tell Your Dentist | Growing Up Herbal | Feel confident and comfortable telling your dentist you're opting out of fluoride treatments.

So you’ve decided to skip using fluoride with your kiddos because of its toxic effects on the body. Good for you, mama! Perhaps you feel good about that decision, but up until this point, you’ve been relying on fluoride to strengthen your child’s teeth and prevent cavities from forming. So, where do you go from […]

How To Keep Your Kids Teeth Clean & Healthy Without Fluoride | Growing Up Herbal | Learn how you can keep your kids teeth clean and healthy WITHOUT fluoride.

Did you know that, as of 2011, the US was one of 11 countries that added fluoride to the majority of the drinking water they offer to the public? Eleven countries. Eleven of the 196 countries in the world today, 105 of which are considered “developed countries.” Eleven. Thankfully, that number is decreasing. In 2013, […]

This post was originally published in July 2015. Since that time, I have received many comments, Facebook messages, and emails from people questioning why I’d promote the internal usage of bentonite clay due to its lead content, especially in the form of a children’s toothpaste. Finally, after three years and one very polite email asking […]

Is It True? There's Lead In Bentonite Clay! | Growing Up Herbal | Concerned about using products that contain bentonite clay because it contains lead? Here's why I'm fine with it.

Did you know it’s insanely easy to make healthy kids toothpaste at home… one that your kids will love? It is, and today I’m going to show you how. Not only is it healthier than store-bought (and some natural) toothpaste, but it’s cheap and fun. Your kids will love helping you, and they’ll look forward to brushing […]

When it comes to some of the more “crunchy mama” things I’ve chosen to speak out about (like supporting natural birthing practices, drinking raw milk, and being pro-choice when it comes to vaccinating kids), skipping fluoride and using more natural methods to keep my kids teeth healthy and cavity-free is another one I can add […]

Are you interested in learning how to use plants to support your health in as natural a way as possible — plants that grow in your backyard or in the forest behind your home or can be found in the local herb shop? If so, here's how you can become an herbalist!

How to Become
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Looking for books, recommended courses and workshops, and my must-have herbal supplies. You've got it. I'm dishing out all my favorite herbal resources with you!

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