14 Must-Have Supplies For Herbalists (Plus A Free Printable Supply List)

14 Must-Have Supplies For Herbalists (Plus A Free Printable Supply List) | Growing Up Herbal | Curious what supplies you’ll need as an herbalist? Here are 14 to get you started. Plus, get a free printable supply list to help you stay organized.

Whether you’re brand new to herbalism or you’re trying to set up your home apothecary, you’ll want to stock up on some particular supplies to support your work with herbs. But which ones are necessary? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a checklist of herbal supplies needed to set up your herbal workstation?

I think so, which is why I’ve pulled together a list of 14 supplies that are most helpful to herbalists and sharing them over on the Herbal Academy blog this week. There’s even a free Herbal Toolkit Supply List printable for you at the end of the post so you can better keep track of your supplies (the ones you have on hand or those you need to stock up on).

CLICK HERE to check out the supply list and get your free printable, too!

  1. Jess says:

    link says error and no list appears

  2. Mesme says:

    Dear Meagan,

    You say that you are a “disciple of Jesus Christ”. Does that belief influence your teachings and advice or is the website and information provided purely secular and without religious influence?

    • Meagan Visser says:

      Great question, Mesme, but a difficult one to answer. I would have to say, yes and no. On one hand, I’m sure my beliefs influence my work in some way, shape, or form. I mean, I think that’s true for everyone. We are what we believe, and we carry those beliefs with us into all parts of our life. On the other hand, though, I recognize that everyone that comes to this website will not believe similarly to me, and my goal here isn’t to push any type of spiritual belief on anyone so I try to be careful with how I present things. I would say the majority of the information provided here about natural, healthy living is factual information. However, there are times here and there where you’ll find that I reference my religious beliefs by saying “church,” “God,” “creation,” or some other such word. And while I may not be mentioning my beliefs constantly in what I write, it’s there, underlying the words because I’m the one writing them, and they are my beliefs. I suppose they can’t be separated. I hope all that makes sense and answers your question. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

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