10 Amazing Mushrooms For Wellness (+ Free Mushroom Chart Download)

10 Amazing Mushrooms For Wellness (+ Free Mushroom Chart Download) | Growing Up Herbal | Learn about 10 mushrooms that are safe to use for wellness and get a free printable too!

I live in the mountains of East Tennessee, deep in the southern half of the Appalachian mountain range. My home is surrounded by trees, ferns, and mushrooms, and no matter the season, I feel the pull to venture outdoors into the peaceful forest that waits to be explored.

Here, a vast world of woodland plants and fungi is waiting to be discovered. As I grow into the herbalist I want to become, these woodland plants call to me — to learn about them, to use them, and to share their gifts with others.

This week, I’m over on the Herbal Academy blog, taking a peek into the world of woodland herbs — more specifically the world of amazing mushrooms that grow in the woods and forests. Mushrooms are an important part of the woodland ecosystem. Not only are they important parts of their habitat, but many mushrooms can also be beneficial to our wellness as well. In this post, I’m talking about 10 common mushrooms that can be used for wellness, and the Herbal Academy is even giving you a free mushroom chart download from their Intermediate Herbal Course. Don’t miss it!

CLICK HERE to read more about amazing mushrooms for wellness over on the Herbal Academy blog.

P.S. If you want to know more about the Herbal Academy’s Intermediate Herbal Course, check out my full review here.

3 thoughts on “10 Amazing Mushrooms For Wellness (+ Free Mushroom Chart Download)”

  1. Carol Little R.H. @studiobotanica

    I am working a lot with medicinal mushrooms. Thanks for the chart! (I’ve been making my own wee chart.. and this one is so much more legible!!) I have good friends who are growing and experimenting with several medicinal varieties — lmk if you want their contact info.

  2. Meagan you find all those mushrooms in your woods? That’s a lot..? thank you for the chart, good to know what is edible..

    1. No, only a few. Not all of these grow where we live. This post is just a list of 10 mushrooms that are healthy for you!

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