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In this week’s vlog, we’re heading to a local greenhouse to purchase some vegetable plants for our garden, and I’m also sharing some clips of the boy’s first piano recital in 3 years! Next, join me as I make a DIY tick repellant shampoo made with essential oils to help keep pests off the boys […]

In this week’s vlog, we’re heading to Pigeon Forge, TN for a Spring Break weekend getaway. We’re staying at the Resort at Governer’s Crossing and doing some indoor swimming, spending a day at Dollywood theme park, and then hitting up some flea markets on the way home. Join us and see what all we get […]

In this week’s vlog, I’m heading outside to prune my forsythia bush back, bring in some forsythia branches indoors for early spring blooms in my home, and hopefully, get the branches to root so I can replant them outdoors later in spring to create a lovely forsythia hedge on our property. Join me! Also, I’d […]

In this week’s vlog, we are all heading out on a Sunday family fun day to run some errands, go out to eat, and go see the new Spiderman movie. After that, I’m sharing some house project updates with you as well as some new goodies I got from Amazon. Later in the week, Dean […]

This past week, I headed outside to do some foraging for winter herbs, specifically for conifer needles and wild rose hips, to use in three winter-infused recipes. My plan is to use these winter preparations to support my body and spirit over the dark, cold days ahead. You see, slowly but surely, I’m learning to […]

In this week’s vlog, we’re heading to the oldest community in Tennessee to explore the annual Native Heritage Days festival. Next up, I’m heading out of town to pick up some Aldi groceries and do some shopping to fill my autumn capsule wardrobe out. Lastly, the fish for our pond have arrived, and we’re all […]

Are you interested in learning how to use plants to support your health in as natural a way as possible — plants that grow in your backyard or in the forest behind your home or can be found in the local herb shop? If so, here's how you can become an herbalist!

How to Become
An Herbalist

Looking for books, recommended courses and workshops, and my must-have herbal supplies. You've got it. I'm dishing out all my favorite herbal resources with you!

My Favorite Resources for the Home Herbalist

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