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The end of August is here, and for me, that means the end of summer. Vacations are over, school starts back next week, and cooler weather is moving in here on the mountain. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for fall. I hear a lot of people saying they’re doing everything they […]

Things I Love: August 2017 | Growing Up Herbal | Maine vacations, wildflower gardens, period trackers, makeup brush cleaner, and classic books are some of the things I loved this past August!

Hi, friends! July has come and gone, although a little too quickly for my taste. I’ve been kicked back this summer, trying to take it easier than I normally do. I’ve been sleeping in, doing a lot of reading, and spending lots of time outside in the sun. If you get my Letters To Natural […]

Things I Love: July 2017 | Growing Up Herbal | Cousin's Party 2017, summer foraging, breakfast recipes, and more. Here are 5 of my favorite things from this past month!

Hi, friends! The end of May is here, and that means I’m back with another “Things I Love” post where I share 5 of my favorite things from this past month with you. It’s always hard to pick only 5 things because every month seems to be filled with many things that I love. It’s […]

Whew! April has been a crazy busy month for me, and I’m kind of glad it’s over. Maybe May will be a bit more laid back, and I’ll have time to breathe some. This past month, although it’s been busy, has been a fun one. Our family has spent a lot of time together outdoors which […]

Things I Love: April 2017 | Growing Up Herbal | Some things I loved in April were woodland hikes, herbal books, herbal teas for school time, an herbal wound ointment, and more! Come check it out!

So here we are again, at the end of another month, and what a month it’s been. It’s been a busy one for me. How about you? Can you believe a quarter of 2017 is almost over? I’m almost afraid to look back to see what I’ve accomplished during this first quarter. I often feel […]

Things I Love: March 2017 | Growing Up Herbal | Some things I loved in March were an herbal tea for healthy veins, starting my 2017 reading challenge, celebrating St. Patrick's Day, healthy breakfast cookies, and painting planters for spring plants! Come check it out!

I can’t believe it’s aready time for another Things I Love post! February is almost over, and March is just around the corner. I don’t know about you, but although I always look forward to winter, I ALWAYS look forward to spring. Warmer days, flowers blooming, birds chirping, playing outside… I can’t wait! Anyway, I’m […]

Things I Love: February 2017 | Growing Up Herbal | Today, I'm sharing 5 of my favorite things from the past month! Check it out!

Are you interested in learning how to use plants to support your health in as natural a way as possible — plants that grow in your backyard or in the forest behind your home or can be found in the local herb shop? If so, here's how you can become an herbalist!

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Looking for books, recommended courses and workshops, and my must-have herbal supplies. You've got it. I'm dishing out all my favorite herbal resources with you!

My Favorite Resources for the Home Herbalist

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Things I Love: February 2017 | Growing Up Herbal | Today, I'm sharing 5 of my favorite things from the past month! Check it out!

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