Diaper Rash 101

Diaper rash is a nasty little thing, and if your little one has it, I’m sure you will feel her discomfort because it hurts.

But before you head out the door to grab some cream from the store, take a second to read up on what diaper rash is, what causes it, how to prevent it, and how to treat it… naturally of course!

What Is Diaper Rash

A diaper rash is simply inflammation of the skin on a baby’s bottom due to some sort of irritation in that area. It looks red and it hurts. Sometimes it can be so bad that the skin bleeds with rubbed. OUCH!

 Causes of Diaper Rash

Several different things can cause diaper rash. The following is a list of things that can contribute to it.

  • dirty diapers
  • friction against baby’s skin
  • introduction of solids
  • detergent
  • sensitivity to disposable diapers
  • food mama eats
  • acidic diet
  • taking antibiotics
  • bacterial or yeast infection

How To Prevent Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash 101 | GrowingUpHerbal.com | Learn what it is, what causes it, and how to prevent and treat it naturally!

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How To Treat A Diaper Rash

For the most part, diaper rash is easily treatable at home and without over-the-counter drugs or even a visit to the doctor.

First things first. Get those diapers off and let those tiny tushies get some air! Most likely your baby’s rash is caused by wearing a diaper too much… cloth or disposable. You can do a lot for it just by letting your baby run around naked for a bit and let her bum air out. Don’t stress about those pees and poos that may end up on your floor (unless you have white carpet or something – what? – white carpet with kids? – you are brave honey!) Sorry, internal dialogue going on there. Just put them on a blanket or let them play outside for a bit if it’s warm. The more air they can get the better.

Next up is to utilize the healing powers of the sun! Vitamin D is great for your skin and your baby’s skin. You need about 20 minutes of unprotected sun a day to get a sufficient amount of Vitamin D, and your baby needs about 10 minutes. No sunscreen either. You want them to absorb the UV rays. Don’t stress! 10-20 minutes a day isn’t enough to hurt your little one. Plus you can get it by being in the shade and out of direct sunlight too.

Finally, using a cream that is full of herbs known to heal skin or containing Zinc Oxide can be one of the best things you can do for baby’s bottom. Zinc Oxide is a natural mineral that’s know to heal and protect the skin, and herbs like Comfrey, Arnica, and Calendula are great skin healers.

Learn how to tell if your baby’s rash is a diaper rash or a yeast rash here!

Diaper Rash 101 | GrowingUpHerbal.com | Learn what it is, what causes it, and how to prevent and treat it naturally!

Now, in the comments below, tell me what your typical routine for treating diaper rash is! You may know something I don’t!
  1. Annie says:

    I usually use Calendula cream- straight up calendula by Unda or Jojoba Oil.

    • Meagan says:

      Sounds great Annie… I’m sure it works well! Calendula is a great herb to use in diaper creams since it’s such a great antiseptic! Thanks for sharing!

      • Annie says:

        Sure! I abslutely love Calendula. It smells like heaven. My husband doesn’t get it at all. Lol. I also use that for any type of rash. It’s less greasy than oil and seals the moisture in.

  2. Treating Fevers Naturally - Herbal Academy says:

    […] Diaper Rash 101 […]

  3. April says:

    I use a homemade salve with calendula as the main ingredient and then a bit of rose, plantain and rosemary herbs and lavender essential oil. My main carrier is EVOO but I have added almond, coconut and grapeseed to it as well.

  4. Samantha says:

    My little one’s horrible diaper rash is healing quickly by me putting plain yogurt on it. My mother in-law suggested it. Not sure why it’s working, but it is!

    • Meagan says:

      Good to know Samantha! I’ve heard great things about cultured yogurt and diaper rashes. It works great for yeast rashes too!

    • Sarah D. says:

      Yogurt works! My newborn got a diaper rash that would not go away. I tried my go-to coconut oil and even store bought A & D ointment. Usually the coconut oil works on its own (this is my 5th baby, so I’ve had quite a few diaper rashes over the years! πŸ˜‰ ), but not this time. I’d read somewhere on the web that yogurt might work on a diaper rash. So, baby got her bottom slathered with plain yogurt every time she was changed. Over a few days, the rash was gone! Praise the Lord! Her nickname is now “Princess Yogurt Bottom”. πŸ™‚

      • Meagan says:

        Thanks for sharing your experience, Sarah. I bet your little one had a yeast rash which is why the yogurt worked and the coconut oil and other diaper ointments didn’t. Interesting! I only have one in diapers at this point (my last one), and I still sometimes have trouble telling if it’s a regular rash or yeast rash! Love the nickname, BTW!!

  5. Erin Smith says:

    I’m not brave enough to let my kids run around diaperless lol! My little dude probably only had diaper rash once or twice in his life thank goodness. My little girl however who’s only 11 weeks has had it quite a few times. She seems to have a more sensitive stomach for some reason.

    I would put straight up coconut oil on it and it heals quick! After the coconut oil is absorbed I would put some cream on it and top it off with some bentontie clay for powder. πŸ™‚

    • Meagan says:

      Thanks for sharing, Erin… and I can totally relate to not being brave enough to let your kids run around naked. I’ve been there. I’m not all to worried about them peeing on the floor. It’s the pooping that concerns me! LOL! Anyway, thanks for sharing how you help your little girl with her diaper rashes. I love putting oils/salves/creams on and then topping them with a clay powder. That’s how I do it too.

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