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Are you ready to explore hormone health as it relates to several significant seasons in a woman’s life: pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause—all from a natural perspective?

If so, Naturally Healthy Hormones: A Guide To Seasonal Herbal Support For Women is the ebook for you!

In this ebook, we will look at how hormones fluctuate as well as some common hormone-related conditions in each of the above seasons. We’ll share some lifestyle practices (from diet and exercise to meditation, herbs, and more) that can help to gently ease your body into a more balanced, healthy hormonal state. You will also find 30+ herbal recipes scattered throughout the chapters of this book to make it easy for you to incorporate these herbal allies into your life as well. Lastly, we’ve included some fantastic hormone resources to help you if you’re looking for more information and support as you transition from season to season.

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We, women, can be a mysterious (aka, hard to read) bunch. At least that’s what a few honest folks have told us. We can be super friendly one week, and the next, we hardly speak to anyone. Three weeks out of the month, we can conquer the world, but there’s at least one week where everything is coming apart at the seams. Other times, our weight fluctuates, or our energy level seesaws back and forth, we have painful periods or trouble getting pregnant, and sometimes our libido is not what it once was. All of these situations can be traced back to one root cause—hormones.

Naturally Healthy Hormones: A Guide To Seasonal Herbal Support For Women is a beautifully designed 70-page ebook that explores hormone health from a natural perspective.

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • How herbs and lifestyle changes can help keep your hormones “balanced,”
  • A basic overview of the endocrine system,
  • 5 foundational steps that will set you up for naturally healthy hormones right from the beginning,
  • Overview of the most common hormonal changes and symptoms experienced during pregnancy,
  • Common postpartum hormonal changes and complaints,
  • Hormone changes experienced in menopause and how to manage them with grace,
  • Hormone resources for all stages in the hormone journey, and
  • 30+ herbal recipes and countless lifestyle recommendations that can help support your body during every step of the journey of womanhood!

Whether you want to set yourself up for hormone success from the get-go, sail through pregnancy and postpartum period with ease, or manage menopause with as much grace as possible, this ebook can help guide you in the right direction. Not only that but if all the information we share in this book isn’t enough, we’re sharing 45 other hormone resources and a plethora of references that can offer you some extra knowledge and support as well!


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