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Nettle (Urtica dioica) often gets a bad wrap as a scary or dangerous herb because when you bump into it in the wild, in its fresh form, you can’t miss it. Literally, you can’t miss it because it will sting you. 

But don’t worry, I’m not going to have you wandering the mountain sides looking for fresh nettle! We’ll be sticking with dried nettle, which doesn’t sting, and really focusing on how to use this highly nutritious herb for some of its great properties this month. 

We’ll be using it in food, for nutrition, and for wellness purposes, so stay tuned, friends. I can’t wait to explore this herbal staple with you!

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During our time together in the Nettle Herb Study, you will learn how nettle can be a great way to increase your intake of dietary minerals, how it has a salty flavor and can boost the nutrition of food, how it works to increase milk production for breastfeeding mamas, and how consistent use of nettle can minimize seasonal allergies.


Each week you can expect to receive a DIY project that corresponds with the lesson I will send you. In our nettle study, you will receive recipes an herbal mineral vinegar, delicious nettle popcorn sprinkles, a mama’s milk tea blend, and nettle allergy capsules!


Once you purchase your Nettle Herb Study, you will receive a Welcome email from me introducing nettle to you.

Here I’ll share some energetic and safety information about nettle that you’ll want to know, and I’ll walk you through what you can expect over our  next 4 weeks together. In this email, you’ll also find a download for my free Herb Folk Journal to help you take your study a bit deeper. Lastly, you’ll find the nettle supply list so you can stock up on what you need to make your weekly projects.

After this email, you’ll get an email once a week that contains your weekly lesson and the week’s DIY project. At the end of the month, I’ll send you one last email with a PDF download of all the lessons and projects for you to keep for future reference. 

Once your nettle herb study is complete, I guarantee you will never forget how to use this plant again, and these recipes will become staples in your home for years to come!

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