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I started Growing Up Herbal 10 years ago as a way to document my herbal and natural living journey — sharing my life, my knowledge, and my experiences with anyone who wanted to follow along. In that time, I’ve had many successes and failures, but all of it has made my life what it is today. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’ve learned how to eat a more nutrient-dense diet, I’ve managed my family’s health at home using herbs and supplements, I’ve steadily replaced toxins in my home with cleaner products, I’ve turned my brown thumb into a green one, I’ve honed my skills as a homemaker, I’ve researched a plethora of wellness topics in an effort to prevent unnecessary illnesses, and so much more.

This little hobby blog has grown into a lifestyle blog that helps to support me and my family, and for that, I have you, my readers — my friends — to thank.

A Call for Community

While many positive changes have come during the last 10 years, one thing that I’ve grown to miss is the community that used to exist around blogs.

Before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and all the other social platforms out there, people followed their favorite bloggers — reading their posts, leaving comments, and chatting through email. There was a strong and connected community, and if I can attribute anything to my success in herbalism and natural living, it was finding these types of blogs, learning from them, and connecting with the bloggers behind them.

And if I’m honest, I’ve lost that, and I’m looking to bring it back into my life.

Yes, social media is wonderful, but we can easily fall into the comparison trap, spend endless hours scrolling, become addicted to the numbers and immediate affirmation, the endless content, and ultimately, walk away feeling worse about ourselves than we did when we opened the app or website.

No, I’m not suggesting we all abandon ship and delete our Instagram accounts. However, I am suggesting that we get back to finding our tribe and connect with some sort of community.

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For only $5 a month, you can join my Inner Circle where I’m sharing even more herbal, lifestyle, and wellness content in a private, uninhibited model.

Yes, I will continue to share free content as I always have on the blog, but I want to share deeper levels of my herbal knowledge, more about the wellness path and choices I’ve made in my own family, and some practical, yet inspiring ways to live in more alignment with the cycles of nature.

Not only that, but all member-only content will be ad-free, and members will receive early access to product launches and course registrations as well.

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